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New Public Drug Pricing Tool

The leaders in drug pricing tools and analytics now offer a free internet service to the public! We’ve developed this new interactive tool for up-to-date drug pricing data, including NADAC, WAAMP and ACA Federal Upper Limit (ACA FUL).

While this pricing data is available to the public, in raw form, our easy to use dashboard makes data management a snap! Users can compare varying price types of drug products simultaneously, in a pleasing graphics display. This new service will be indispensable to pharma, consultants, government and the general public.

All U.S. prescription and OTC drugs updated daily since 1996 for ALL pricing information!

Our drug pricing data set sources the most dependable comendia available, MedKnowledge® from First Databank (FDB).

We know clients may have different drug pricing information needs and budget, so we offer subscription plans for the very best fit.

AnalySource is highly interactive and graphically pleasing, which allows users to manage large data sets quickly and efficiently, for a world experience every time.

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